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The Best Date I’ve been on: Meet Simon

*Disclaimer all names have been changed except mine*

The best date I ever went on happened in June of 2016, with Simon. How did we meet? I spent most of my junior year in Seigle Hall, and I would see Simon wandering the hallways almost every day. Seigle Hall is split into two departments—the education department and the Law School. I knew he wasn’t an education major, so I assumed he was in Law School. I didn’t know his name (or anything about him) but I knew I definitely had a little school girl crush on him. A short time after my run-ins with Simon, who was known at that time as “cute tall guy,” I was hanging around in the village with a friend when she matched with him on tinder! I was ecstatic. I finally knew his name, and soon after found out that he wasn’t a law student, but a PhD economics student. Not only that—Simon was an international student from Germany! Yum! I immediately downloaded tinder. I figured if we could at least match online I’d have some chance of him noticing me in the hallways. Two weeks went by, and we finally matched. I sent the first message.

(I tried posting screen shots on here, but it was getting complicated, so I am going to write it out for you.)

Tari: I think I know you

Simon: I think I saw you in the hallway


Tari: You should ask me out.

I still cringe at this message. Who did I think I was? BUT… I also figured that the worse thing he could say was no…

Simon and I proceeded to switch numbers and he asked me to get coffee with him that upcoming weekend. Long story short? We never got coffee. I can’t recall what happened, but we did text back and forth for a while. It fizzled. (Most probably, because I am a terrible texter. Ooops.) The coffee day came and went. I got busy. I’m assuming he got busy, and I am not the type of person to push things. I stopped seeing him in the hallways, it was as if he had disappeared.

Anyway… Fall semester came and went. Winter break started. I entered a new relationship. The New year crept upon us—hello 2016! Then came spring break. Suddenly it was summer vacation. My brother had a bar mitzvah. My relationship ended. I became single. You get the gist. Now, y’ll know this isn’t where the story ends. I mean this is about the best date I’ve ever been on, not the date that never happened. Anyway… One summer night I was scrolling through Facebook when Simon appeared on my ‘people you may know list’. I added him, and 30 minutes later I had message in my inbox.

7/02/2016 5:38 PM

Simon: There must be something between us. We keep on getting matched on different platforms.

Tari: Lol. FB had you on people I may know. I told you to ask me out.

Simon: Would you like to go out with me sometime soon?

Tari: Hmm. I’ll think about it. Where would we go?

Simon: Wash Ave.

Tari: Let’s do it.

Simon: Tuesday?

Tari: Who goes out on a Tuesday?

Simon: Tuesday’s are the new Thursdays. Trust me, I’m a trendsetter

7/06/16 10:44 AM

Simon: Tari. 8:30 at Pizza Pi on Wash Ave.

YES. He calls Dewey’s Pizza, “Pizza Pi.” Cute.

I hate being late. So, I got there 15 minutes early. I waited outside. It was a nice day—not as humid as St. Louis usually gets. Seeing Simon out of the school setting was strange. He was taller than I remembered. More attractive—in fact quite beautiful. He came up from behind me and tapped my shoulder.

“Tari?”, He said with a thick German accent. “I’m sorry you’ve been waiting for so long.” I giggled. He was right on time. We walked into the restaurant, and we connected immediately. He was charming, highly intelligent, and funny. Y’ll know I am sucker for brains. (HEHE) I remember the waitress came back three times before we finally decided on food and beverages. We shared a pizza and a bottle of French wine. The night and conversation flew by and by the time we finally “looked up” we were the only ones left in the restaurant.

“Let’s go on a walk. I want to buy you a drink,” Simon said as he reached for my hand. It was a Tuesday night so the bar was mostly empty. I insisted on buying him a drink, to which he reluctantly agreed. Before we knew it we were engrossed in another conversation. Somewhere between talking about traveling and his family back in Germany, he took a hold of my chin and kissed me. Yes, just like the movies. I became completely flustered after that and suggested we leave the bar. I needed fresh air. We found ourselves back on the street and he suggested yet another destination. This time he wanted to take me to the river. We walked hand in hand. Laughing. Talking. Occasionally kissing.

“You look really great tonight,” he said stopping in the middle of the sidewalk right next to the bench. “I bet if you stand on the bench I’ll still be taller.” I climbed up, knowing he was still going to tower above me. (Simon is 6 feet 5 inches. I’m 5 feet and 1 inch!) Next thing I knew his arms were around my waist and we were spinning. I laughed, and he laughed, and then I was back on the ground. We reached the river and sat in the grass looking into the water. We laughed about how we ran into each other in the hallways, and at one point we laid in the grass and stopped talking. It was magical. The date ended shortly after that. He walked me to my car, kissed me goodnight and I drove off.

I saw Simon one more time after that. A week later, we went out to sushi. But after that, we never saw each other again. He left for Germany, I got busy with research and summer classes. Occasionally we’ll run into each other on campus, smile and nod at each other. Once in a while we’ll make plans to get coffee or see a movie, but they always fall through. Today, for the sake of this blog post. I texted him.

Tari: Simon. Question.

Simon: You might go ahead.

Tari: Why haven’t we actually gotten together?

Simon: I think we’re afraid of each other.

Tari: I think so too

I think he’s right! We spent 8 hours together one night in June. 8 perfect and magical hours! What if we meet up and we ruin it? Don’t worry I’m not pining after him. I don’t think we are meant to be together. I just think that when we are together we set the world on fire. And that’s indeed terrifying.




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