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The people I love, a series: Dear Ahmer

I love telling people that I’ve known you since I was 13. Our friendship began at the back of the orchestra room. I a sophomore in high school, and you, a junior. I fell in love with your goofy-ness and your ability to see the good in all things and all people.

In all honesty, you are the first boy I ever loved. I remember the first time, the first hesitant confession, the first “I’ve never told anyone that before”. I felt special that I could make you comfortable. That you felt understood. We were so young then, it was all so innocent. We spent all days (not most. but all) in constant contact. And when you left for college, we skyped often. Our love hasn’t always been rosy. Back then we loved hard, and fought even harder. But, being your best friend these last 9 years has been a blessing.

Thank you for being there, always. When it feels like no one cares, you always make a point to show that you do. You rationalize everything I say and talk sense into me when I am being ridiculous. Thank you for all the adventures. Remember when you were in town during your college spring break and you picked me up from school (during orchestra) and we went shoe shopping? (Hehe) Nothing is better for my soul than spending time with you. Thank you for picking up the phone and spending hours on the phone with me. Thank you for buying me chipotle whenever I’m hungry. Thanks for making me laugh. Thanks for teaching me how to properly execute a “that’s-what-she-said” joke. I am only a pro because of you. Thanks for loving on my siblings whenever you’re in town. My brother thinks you’re the coolest. Thank you for being my family, and for putting up with my parents–who to this day constantly ask me why we haven’t dated yet.

I love you, Ahmer. And even though we don’t talk everyday anymore, know that I’m always here. Know that I stalk your Facebook page regularly, cheering you on in all your successes (CONGRATS ON MED SCHOOL BABES) and obnoxiously commenting on posts just to be an ass. Remember, how your brother was really concerned about our relationship because I wrote “Hey Ahmer, will you marry me?” on your wall?!

You are one of my favorite people in this world. You’re one of the people I’m most thankful for. (Okay, my tears have definitely started flowing right about now.) You’ve helped me in more ways than one and I can’t wait for the day you find yourself a girl that adores you as much as I do. After all, you’ve always shown me how I’m supposed to be treated. So, cheers to our love, and our friendship.

It’s you and I ‘till the very end.

I love you. Forever, and always.


P.S- I know you cringed your way through this entire post. Take a deep breath. Text me. <3

P.P.S – I am STILL mad that we didn’t see each other this weekend. So I probably won’t respond to your text.

P.P.P.S – Jk. I’ll respond.

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