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Things You Need To Know Before Dating Me: A poem

1. Don’t ask me about God. I don’t know who she is. She doesn’t answer me.

2. I can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. Sometimes I experience the type of loneliness that has me running away from mirrors and insulates me fully from good thoughts and good energy.

4. I think I’m funny.

5. I am everything my mother never said I was.

6. I’ll want you to unroll your insides for me. I’ll want to tender your wounds, and hold your heart in my palm..

7. I have to convince myself everyday I’m where I’m supposed to be. Please remind me.

8. Don’t stare at my thighs. I’m still learning to love them.

9. I want to do open heart surgery on all the people that couldn’t love me.

10. Fuck them.

11. I believe in love. I believe it feels like cracking a pomegranate with your bare hands. It is the sweet stains all over your white attire. It is intricate. Merciless. Love will be the death of me. I’ll go down smiling.

12. I won’t want to have your children. Don’t force me.

13. When I’ve locked myself in a room with no windows. Slip me my journal. I’ll write myself out.

14. Don’t call me beautiful. Call me exquisite.

15. I’ll watch you sleep. I’ll count your breaths. I’ll make sure you never miss one

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