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The people I love, a series: Dear Erin

This letter is long overdue. I’ve attempted writing it since I started this series, but I never knew if I could express all my gratitude in one single letter. There are so many things I want to thank you for. Thank you for being one of my biggest blessings. Thank you for being by my side and making it all worthwhile. Do you remember how we first met? Our friendship was sort of like love at first sight. We just “got” each other from the get-go. It was in AP Language during senior year of high school. We sat in the back and I’d catch you cheating off of my reading quizzes. (Yes, I was on to you!!) However, I thought you were sweet and funny.

You’re the most significant person in my life right now. You are my best friend, the one person I can be open and honest with. My partner in crime. You accept me for who I am. You with your smile, your ridiculous cackle-like laugh, your friendship–it’s way more than I deserve. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve fought. And yet we always come back stronger than ever.

I thought I lost you once. Do you remember? It was in 2014–you called me in the middle of Biology. I was taking a quiz. I excused myself from the class, stepped outside and picked up the phone only to hear heavy breathing. You told me you loved me. That I was your best friend. And then you said bye.

I don’t know if you know this, but I had nightmares for days afterwards. The thought of treading the waters without your constant support and love left me aching for days. I wrote you letters. Sent you text messages you couldn’t respond to. Pestered your family for information. I couldn’t lose you. I can’t ever lose you.


I want to say I am so happy you’re still here. Life without you would be an empty one. You’ve made it. You are still breathing. Your heart is still beating.

Who would I text when I can’t sleep? Who would I FaceTime until 2am? Who would talk through every family crisis, every heartbreak, every wardrobe malfunction, and every anxiety attack. You’ve been there for the heartbreaks, the disappointments, and the failures. We’re a dynamic duo. I think we could have our own show, and I honestly think that everyone would watch it. I mean, together, we’re fucking hilarious.

Thank you for being you. You are incredible, my dear, and I can’t wait to remind your future husband that he got crazy lucky. You are beautiful inside and out. On the outside you’re so gorgeous, and I know I’m many of one who see it. You’re ambitious. Courageous. Intuitive. Loyal. Lovely. Smart. I could go on..

I don’t know where you came from. Seven billion people in the world and you landed right in front of me. I don’t know. I guess what I am trying to say is that I love you. Friendship is one of the most rewarding things life has to offer, and I promise to never take it for granted. I promise to never take YOU for granted.

All my love,


P.S- Happy 23rd birthday! 

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