Body Series

In my body is a safe space to be; A series, From Brooke with love.

I recently ran into Brooke whilst on an outing with a friend in the Central West End. Brooke and I are friends on Facebook and I love how she’s genuinely raw and honest on a platform that most people choose not to be. I was quite shocked when she came to greet me. Even though we attended the same high school we had never interacted outside of the high school hallways (which was 8 years ago) and outside of social media. She approached me in the most gentle and friendly way–like we’d known each other for years. I immediately thought to myself, “I need this wonderful human to be a constant presence in my life”.


I’m starting this series because through my own self acceptance search/journey I’ve realized that we, as humans, all have problems with our skin suit (kuddo’s to Josh for this term) no matter what it looks like. The point of this series is to confront our flaws AND to highlight our excellence. I hope one day we’ll all be able to wake up and that voice in our mind which lists all our faults on repeat will be much quieter if not silent. The mirror will be less scary. We’ll smile as we pass our gorgeous selves. We’ll have a bounce in our steps. One day we’ll love our bodies exactly as they are right now. We might have bad days . We might have bad weeks. Yet once we unlock that key, that key of self love we’ll know we can get back to a sanctuary within our bodies. Our bodies and our selves are waiting for that love, waiting for that permission to just be. As I said to Brooke, (and as I say to all my future spotlights), be gentle with yourself, you are meeting parts of yourself that you have been at war with.


1. What makes you feel beautiful?

I feel beautiful when I’m loved. When I feel like another human is connecting with me. Beautiful is happiness in my book.

2. What makes you feel powerful?

I feel powerful when I do things for myself. From tweezing my eyebrows to saying no to drugs at a party. Doing what I know is good for me leaves me feeling like I can conquer the world.

3. What would you tell your past self about beauty and bodies?

My past self was a complete mess when it came to body image and beauty. I’d first pose a question; what to do you see in the mirror? Then, I would say, “that’s you, that’s who you are, how you see yourself is how everyone else sees you. When you love yourself and your image, you will see what true beauty is. It is being confident in what you have, and loving you for what you are. You are a piece of the universe, you can do anything.

4. How does your skin color make you feel?

My skin color makes me feel like I have to try extra hard to understand the lives of people of color. Although I’m a Jew and my people have endured slavery and segregation, I still feel like I have an unfair advantage and sometimes I hate my color for that.

5. How have you struggled with your body?

My body has mentally destroyed me. And that’s a problem. Our bodies are ourselves. I had to work really hard to understand that and understand how this body has gotten me to where I am today. It will always challenge me to see it for what it is and love it for that. My body is slowly becoming less of a struggle and more of a hero.

6. Complete this sentence… “In my body is a safe place to be because….”

In my body is a safe place to be because it is who I am. It is the vessel that my soul chose and that is where It will stay until the end of my days. My body is ME and if I treat ME right, I am always a safe place.

From Brooke, With love.


Thank You.

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