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In my body is a safe space to be, A series: From Morgan, with love.

I haven’t actually met Morgan in person (unfortunately), but I do have the pleasure of following her on Instagram, being friends with her Facebook, and reading her blog– Her blog is pure gold, in fact, after discovering the site I read her entire blog in one sitting. I find Morgan refreshing. She writes with such heart, with love, with pain, and with such truth. An inspiration to my blog, and to others who blog as well. Morgans’ latest blog post, “Confessions of a girl who’s learning to be single,” has played a large part in my healing process. In it she writes, ” I don’t care who you are. I don’t care who you’ve been. I don’t care how much money you have in your savings account, how many pounds you need/want to lose or all of the things you swear up and down are completely wrong with you. If you are a person, and you have a heart and ligaments- you are valuable. Just as valuable as anyone else. And if you are a person, you are worthy of a love that is kind and helpful and beautiful.” Morgan, you’re effervescent–the type of being that I wish to be. The kind of being that I wish was a constant (and consistent) presence in my life. You’re so full of life, strength, and light. You’re beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


I’ve started this series because through my own self acceptance search/journey I’ve realized that we, as humans, all have problems with our skin suit no matter what it looks like. The point of this series is to confront our flaws AND to highlight our excellence. I hope one day we’ll all be able to wake up and that voice in our mind which lists all our faults on repeat will be much quieter if not silent. The mirror will be less scary. We’ll smile as we pass our gorgeous selves. We’ll have a bounce in our steps. One day we’ll love our bodies exactly as they are right now. We might have bad days . We might have bad weeks. Yet once we unlock that key, that key of self love we’ll know we can get back to a sanctuary within our bodies. Our bodies and our selves are waiting for that love, waiting for that permission to just be. As I said to Morgan, (and as I say to all my future spotlights), be gentle with yourself, you are meeting parts of yourself that you have been at war with.

1. What makes you feel beautiful?

I think the thing that makes me feel the most beautiful is the sincere, all encompassing feeling of being full and complete. I feel beautiful when I feel capable, talented and at peace with myself in any moment. While it’s not completely a physical thing…outer appearance definitely ties into it. I feel the most beautiful when I’m at work, doing a story I love…in an outfit I love. I feel beautiful right after washing my hair, laughing over wine with my girls, in big sweaters cuddled up with my Bible. I feel beautiful when I feel comfortable, and when I am being myself. Laughing too loud, wearing something soft, with a dark lip and eating a good meal…all of those things make me feel beautiful. 

2. What makes you feel powerful?

Feeling like I am making a positive impact in someone else’s life makes me feel powerful. That usually comes from mentorship, the feedback I get from my blog and the feedback I get from viewers in my role as a TV news reporter and anchor. To me, being powerful is understanding that you have the ability to make life easier, more beautiful, and even more decent for someone else by telling the truth, being humble and sharing authentic kindness. The thing I’ve learned from meeting people through my job and emailing the people who read my blog is that people are usually really attracted to realness, and while that’s scary- it’s a reminder that your own situation is okay and enough…it may even be the thing that changes the game for someone else. That is power to me. Also, my relationship with God. I think that actually fuels all of the other things…I’m confident in that.

3. What would you tell your past self about beauty and bodies?

I would tell myself that body shapes, skin tones, eye color…the way we look in our natural states should not be “trends”. There is no reason to idolize one waist size and make it my goal. When I was in middle school, being really skinny was hot. When I got to college, and still now, being thick was “in”…and now thick just means having huge boobs and butt but a tiny everything else. It’s exhausting. I’d tell myself to drink more water, do workouts that I like, wear clothes that fit and stop thinking any look is the right one. We are people…not SAT multiple choice questions…it’s not about being right or wrong. I’d also tell myself to let my hair do its thing cause it’s prettiest in its natural state, to appreciate that I have clear skin and to not be in such a hurry to wear makeup. I now wear a ton, and I love days when I dont have to wear any at all. 

4. How does your skin color make you feel?

I love my skin color. I’ve never been upset about having brown skin. I never really got into the light skin vs. dark skin thing or got upset about getting darker in the summer months (I was in marching band, and PROUD OF IT). I love that it glows, looks good with bright colors and can stand its own with bold make up looks. It makes me feel warm, rich and beautiful. Yah, it makes me feel beautiful. 

5. How have you struggled with your body?

I had a pretty thin, athletic build growing up, and when I got to college I always felt too skinny. My boobs weren’t big enough, the butt wasn’t there…and that was all anyone talked about with regards to what was sexy and “bad” or whatever. I’m sure I made a bigger deal of it in my head than it actually was…but I just never felt sexy. Cute, pretty…just not sexy. Then, toward the end of college, I kinda filled out. I got boobs, my butt grew (not majorly, but enough for people close o me to notice), and I got hips. Then, I thought I was fat. I wasn’t fat, and I’m still not. But goodies come with more skin and more weight and stretch marks, and it’s been a tough transition. I’m still figuring it out. I have stopped trying to squeeze into “pre-curves” jeans and accepted that some of my stuff is now in double-digit sizes, AND IT’S FREAKIN OK. To be honest, I feel more at home in my skin now than I ever have…even with the stretch marks and extra pounds. It’s only when I compare myself to others that I have a problem. 

6. Complete this sentence… “In my body is a safe place to be because….”

In my body is a safe place to be because even when I don’t love it enough, fuel it the way I should or treat it the best, it’s graceful enough to keep going through this life situation. It’s never given up on me, and it’ll never stop being beautiful for that.

From Morgan, with love.

Thank you.

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