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10 Reasons Why Men Are Trash

Now (before I begin), if you’re a man, and you find this post to be triggering, here’s why I don’t care about your feelings: the fact that “Men Are Trash,” is the worst statement, from women, that men have to deal with, highlights your male privilege. We live in a patriachial society. Male dominance, male identification, male centeredness, and male obsession of control are the main aspects of the society that we live in. Men ask me all the time, “Tari, how would you feel if I said ‘Women Are Trash’, all the time?” I laugh in their face and remind them that men tell women that they are trash daily. We  see it in commercials, movies, television shows, music videos, politics, and books.  Women are constantly shown in inferior positions to men. When men say, in their various violent ways, that women are “trash” there’s no acknowledgment of humanity. Men saying anything along the lines of women being “trash” is simply the product of them not being able to see women as humans worthy of respect.

So here are 10 reasons why MEN ARE TRASH:

  1. When they Mansplain — When men explain what they believe women need, think, and feel. Men feel entitled to an opinion to every subject.
  2. When they have “Manels” — otherwise known all-male-panels discussing matters that affect only women. (This is how we end up with health care bills nearly making women a pre existing condition).
  3. When they Slut shame — “Slut-shaming is the experience of being labeled a sexually out-of-control girl or woman (a “slut” or “ho”) and then being punished socially for possessing this identity.” WHILST men are constantly and consistently being congratulated for this behavior. What’s that saying? … “Boys will be boys, and girls will be sluts”.
  4. When they call most things gay, even things that aren’t — It’s okay to be emotional and vulnerable. It’s okay to make eye contact with other men. It’s okay to say that another man is good looking. Let’s all remember that a man is only considered gay if he attracted to another man.
  5. The whole idea of rape culture — The idea that we need to police women’s bodies to avoid tempting the male, who are presumed to have no self-control when faced with a pretty girl in a sundress.
  6. Catcalling — Why do men think this is okay? It’s not a compliment. It’s alienating, embarrassing, dehumanizing. Women are not f*cking objects.
  7. When they identify women as “crazy” — when really the woman probably has a strong opinion and speaks her mind. Why can’t we use the word strong willed? Or independent?
  8. When they think the “friend zone” is a real thing — This is a non-issue invented by dudes who don’t understand how attraction works. The idea of the “friend zone”  paints friendship between a man and a woman as a sad, pathetic thing and implies that the man wasn’t man enough to make it something more than that. (This, my friends, is one of the ways that patriarchy hurts us all.)
  9. When they say women who wear make up are “cheating” — A woman wearing makeup is not “cheating” or lying because women aren’t products. We are people. You don’t walk around naked, and you may shave and brush your teeth. Does that mean I can accuse you of cheating and lying because you’re not in a completely natural state? This seems less about your appearance and more about your frankly disconcerting thoughts about women. The only thing holding you back from the opportunity to look good is your frantic grasp on gender roles.
  10. When they use  periods to dismiss our emotions — Here men are claiming women are essentially incapable of rational thought for essentially a quarter of their reproductive lives (assuming one’s period is monthly and lasts a week). This is just another underhanded way to rationalize keeping them out of positions of power.





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