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Preparing My Daughter For Rain

You’re turning into the traveler that says

“anywhere but here”

which only leaves you hurt and alone

but you have to remember

you are not weak

just because your heart is heavy

the heart is not a dog

it can’t live off of scraps


when the rain comes, remember

there are flowers growing from your spine

a garden sprouting from your hips–your

flowers remind me of



you don’t need another soul to make life whole,

but there will be times

when having your cuts kissed by someone who doesn’t view them as chaotic




i pray you never wake up in the morning, with

loneliness waiting at the foot of your bed

i promise he is no friend


when the rain comes and your every waking minute makes you sick

remember that your mother



lived through the aches


climbed the mountain, and ran from the devil himself,


you are cut from the same cloth


and when the rain comes

and leaves you shaking and shivering on the floor, remember—

that I wanted you in every way someone shouldn’t want someone else


you are so much joy birthed from so much sadness


i hope i never shame you out of your story

I hope my fear is never your cage

I hope you know that you are treasured


and when the rain comes

I hope you know you are loved


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