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23 things I Know To Be True…

As I sit here on my bed, nursing a glass of wine, surrounded by 4 candles and Jay Z’s 4:44 album, I’m thinking about how I’ll be turning 23 in roughly 4 hours. 22 has been such a pivotal age for me. I have transformed from a college students to a mildly functional adult. I mastered the art of surviving on my own, parented myself, and fell in love. I am slowly becoming someone that my younger self would be so incredibly proud of.

So, in honor of my 23rd birthday, here are 23 things that this life of mine has taught me so far.


  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself
  2. It’s okay to fall down, but don’t stay there
  3. Take more risks, and trust the process
  4. Without faith you have nothing
  5. Some friends are seasonal, and that’s just fine
  6. Family isn’t always blood
  7. Get the haircut. It’ll change your life and perspective.
  8. Love will find you when you are least expecting it
  9. Therapy is okay. Self care is a must. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness
  10. Writing will save your life
  11. You’re not obligated to be the same person you were yesterday
  12. Music is a necessity
  13. Fighting with strangers on twitter about politics will not change their minds
  14. Drink more water
  15. Life doesn’t revolve around you trying to lose 10 pounds
  16. You don’t have to be perfect
  17. Allow yourself to be loved exactly where you are
  18. Traveling will give you time to breath
  19. Always stand in your truths
  20. Stop trying to fit in
  21. Doing more things that make you happy is the key to happiness
  22. Opening a savings account is a smart idea
  23. Win or die trying






P.S – Happy Birthday to me! 

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